Tracker for Toggl

Get more from Toggl with Google Assistant

Add time entries, start or stop tracking and more, using your voice, Toggl and Google Assistant!

Available on all your devices

From your phone, to your smart speaker. At your home, or at your job. Interact with Toggl, wherever you need to, hands-free.

Start on the web, continue with your voice. Or the other way around.

Control your time entries

Start tracking what you are currently doing, feel free to include the description or project too. Simply say stop tracking when you are done.

Get information

Ask what you are currently tracking, update the project, description or tags.

Log what you missed

Easily log missed time entries, add lost hours along with description and project.

How to get started?

Say "Hey Google, talk to Tracker for Toggl", to your Google Assistant. If it is your first launch, you will need to link your Toggl account first, using API token, which you can find in your profile settings. For that, just follow the instructions after the start.

You can also include what you want to do right into the request, for example:

- "Hey Google, ask Tracker for Toggl to start tracking Development"

All features

  • Get help, discover new functions

- "What can you do?"

  • Start tracking, feel free to include project, tags and description

- "Start tracking Testing for project Tracker for Toggl"

  • Continue with the last time entry

- "Resume last tracking"

  • Stop tracking

- "Stop the current task"

  • Update tracking information

- "Set the project to Tracker for Toggl"

- "Set tags to voice"

- "Update the description to Website design"

  • Get infromation about current task

- "What am I currently tracking?"

  • Create time entries

- "Add last 2 hours as Testing for project Tracker for Toggl"

  • Reports

- Reports by client, project, time etc. Paid/Unpaid

- "How long did I work today?"

  • Workplaces

- "Set workspace to {my workspace}" - will set a default workspace

Features to be implemented:

  • Clients

    • Add client information, currently works if you are tracking clients project

  • Team features

... what would you like to see? Let me know!